Paint & Panel


Paint & Panel

We at Paint & Panel are a team of trained and driven professionals that specialise in smash repairs, painting, towing, as well as a range of other automotive services. We pride ourselves on the belief that a vehicle should not leave the shop until the job is complete and the customer is satisfied. 


Established in 1995, Paint & Panel has been moulded into a thriving business that sees continual growth across its two store locations. While a factory appointed Subaru repairer, Paint & Panel will repair basically anything that comes our way. 


Paint & Panel additionally forms a perfect model site for the training of young technicians or even apprentices in the smash repair trade. Its equipment, systems, standards and methods are all of high quality and without exception. And with the professional workmanship to go with it Paint & Panel continues to churn out exceptional grade jobs for its customers. 

You can find us at our ever growing Warners Bay and Westlakes locations, open five days a week for your convenience.


Eco-Friendly Practices

At Paint and Panel, we participate in as many eco-friendly practices as possible, and believe that the first step towards a green, sustainable future lies in the hands of local businesses such as ourselves, this includes the use of:

paint & panel solar panels
Solar Panels

Solar Panels provide power to the workshop and all our equipment. Solar technology allows us to offset our energy consumption from the electrical grid, which helps to decrease the impact that Paint & Panel has on Carbon Emissions. 

Paint & panel water filtration system
Water Filtration System

All water used by our car wash is run through our Water Filtration System. This system not only allows us to reuse and recycle water but also to filter out hazardous chemicals and waste that would otherwise enter the environment.

paint & panel air filtration system
Air Filtration System

Our Air Filtration System works to capture and remove dust and particulates from the air, which in turn contributes to eliminating air pollution in our surrounding area, and keeping a clean and presentable workshop.