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Wash, Vacuum and Polish

At Paint & Panel, we offer a premium Wash and Polish service that will see your vehicle leaving looking as shiny as it was brand new. This process includes the use of our Car Wash, a thorough Vacuum service, and a Polish to finish it off and make your vehicle look extra clean. Please note that this process does not include any repairs, and is strictly only a Wash, Clean and Polish service.

Car Wash

Paint & Panel’s Stargate S3 Car Wash is a top-of-the-line machine that cleans your vehicle to perfection. This machine features a roll-over system of 3 different brushes to clean every inch of your vehicle, and an air-blasting beam for the drying sequence, which is capable of following the individual profile of your vehicle, and using its 4Kws of power, is able to ensure the glass and panels are free from water spotting. The outcome of this process results in your vehicle coming out spotless.


Paint & Panel’s Vacuum service is thorough, with our specialists being extremely particular, and paying attention to every little detail. Our specialists will make sure that your vehicle looks luxurious, and feels like you are driving it home from the dealership for the first time.


Paint & Panel’s Polish service is the finishing touch that your vehicle needs to make it shine. Our specialists will use care and precision to ensure that your vehicle sparkles when the sun hits it just right, making it look like a brand new vehicle.

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