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Our Services

Across both our Warners Bay and Westlakes locations, Paint & Panel provides a number of quality services for our customers.

Interested in seeing what we do with your vehicle? Watch this start-to-finish repair, showcasing a number of our available services, such as towing, quoting, panel beating and repair, painting, wheel alignment, car wash, and much more!

You can find more detailed information on the services that we provide here at Paint & Panel via the cards below.

With both our automotive and heavy vehicle Spraybooths, Paint & Panel is able to provide a wide range of Paint Services for our customers.


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Paint Services
paint & panel paint bay

With the use of our Jig Machine, Paint and Panel is able to provide customers with the service of re-aligning the body of their vehicle to the factory data sheet, making it look as if it is brand new.


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Jig Chassis Repair
paint & panel smash repair

Using our top-of-the-line Wheel Alignment Machine, Paint & Panel can align your vehicle’s wheels with extreme precision and care.


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Wheel Alignment
Wheel Alignment Paint and Panel

At Paint & Panel, we also have the ability to order in tyres suited for your vehicle.


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Tyre Sales
Paint & Panel Tyre

At the tail-end of the Smash Repair process, we provide a complementary Wash and Vacuum, provided by our specialists to make sure your car leaves the workshop spotless.


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Wash and Vacuum
Paint & Panel Wash and Vacuum

Using our extremely accurate Wheel Balancing Machine, Paint & Panel can also ensure that your vehicle’s wheels are balanced correctly.


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Wheel Balance
Wheel Balancing paint & panel

We can provide you with a very thorough wash, vacuum and polish of your vehicle, provided by our specialists who have a great eye for detail.


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Wash, Vacuum and Polish
Car Wash Paint & Panel
Tyre Fitting

With the use of our Tyre Fitting Machine, we are able to quickly and easily fit your tyre onto a rim with great precision.


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Tyre Fitting Paint & Panel

Paint & Panel also offers a towing service, allowing us to get a tow truck to your location whenever it is needed.


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Towing Service
paint & panel towing

We are also able to offer the repair of dents, and other damage without the need of repainting the affected area of the vehicle.


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Paintless Repair
paintless repair paint and panel
UNDER CONSTRUCTION paint and panel
Smash Repair

A big part of our business at Paint & Panel is Smash Repairs, which involves the use of most of our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced professionals.


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Paint & Panel Smash Repair

Paint & Panel can also provide repairs for scratches on your vehicle, which can also involve the use of our Spraybooth.


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Scratch Repair
scratch repair paint and panel
UNDER CONSTRUCTION paint and panel
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