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Wheel and Tyre Services

At Paint & Panel, we utilise top-of-the-line machinery in order to ensure that your vehicle’s wheels and tyres needs are met with a satisfactory outcome. These machines include those such as a Wheel Aligner, Tyre Fitter, and Wheel Balancer. Paint & Panel can also go a step further, and order new tyres for your vehicle.​

Wheel Alignment

Paint & Panel’s Wheel Alignment Machine features state-of-the-art technology that allows us to accurately re-align your vehicle’s wheels. Featuring a 6.4 megapixel camera, an image stabilizing system, mini aluminium target black technology, an IAA lifting system, a 3D display interface, a 32-inch display monitor, jack up adjustment, and drive-on camera aid, you can rest-assured knowing that your vehicle will be serviced with precision and care.

Tyre Fitting

Paint & Panel’s Tyre Fitting Machine allows for a quick and easy way for us to change your tyre. This machine features a pneumatic tilt arm structure, bead press system, mounting head, three positions pressing arm, turntable with gauge and special clamp, and a 2-speed monitor.

Wheel Balancing

Paint & Panel’s Wheel Balancing Machine gives us the means to accurately and quickly balance the wheels of your vehicle. This machine uses cutting edge technologies, including a cross laser light indicator, 256 point calculation method, aluminium automatic measuring instrument, balancing weight hiding function, standard 36mm threaded shaft, and an OPT function, in order to make sure that your wheels are balanced precisely for your vehicle.

Tyre Ordering

Paint & Panel also has the ability to order in tyres suited for your vehicle. You can learn more about this by calling us, or contacting us via the link below.

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Tyre Ordering Paint & Panel
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