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Smash Repair

At Paint & Panel, we use only the best equipment, and have only the most qualified specialists working on your vehicle, especially for a Smash Repair. This can be a long and intricate process, which sees us utilising equipment and performing tasks such as, Towing, Quoting, Panel Beating, Jig Chassis Repair, Paint, Wheel Services, and a complimentary Wash and Vacuum.


Paint & Panel’s Towing Service will see your vehicle brought to our workshop in no time, so that we can get straight to work on quoting your repair. We can tow a range of vehicles, for more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Paint & Panel’s Quoting Service will see you with a quote for your vehicle repairs in no time. You can approach this process in two ways, either by having your damaged vehicle assessed at one of our two locations, or by submitting our free online quote form.

Panel Beating

Paint & Panel’s Panel Beating Service is performed by specialists in the field. These people ensure that every single dent and ding requested is restored to its original shape, using a range of equipment and techniques to achieve this task.

Jig Chassis Repair

Paint & Panel’s Super Rotax Jig allows us to reshape your vehicle’s body exactly to the shape of the vehicle’s factory data sheet. Featuring removable ramps, 360-degree 10-ton pull/push towers, locking crossbeams, scissor lift structure, and a Traxo automated “robotic” pulling tower, you can rest assured that our team of professionals will make sure that your vehicle is re-aligned to its original shape.

Paint Services

Paint & Panel’s Paint Services are a big part of our business. With that in mind, we only use state-of-the-art equipment in order to provide a quality paint service and experience for our customers. We can provide either a Spray or Respray for both automotive and heavy vehicles, which will be provided by our trained, professional painters.

Wheel and Tyre Services

Paint & Panel’s Wheel and Tyre Services utilize top-of-the-line machinery in order to ensure that your vehicle’s wheels and tyres needs are met with a satisfactory outcome. These machines include those such as, a Wheel Aligner, Tyre Fitter, and Wheel Balancer. Paint and Panel can also go a step further, and order new tyres for your vehicle.

Wash and Vacuum

Paint & Panel’s Wash and Vacuum Service is a complementary clean for your vehicle after repairs are complete to ensure that your vehicle comes out looking and feeling brand new. Paint and Panel’s Stargate S3 Car Wash is a quality machine that cleans your vehicle to perfection. This machine features a roll-over system of 3 different brushes to clean every inch of your vehicle, and an air-blasting beam for the drying sequence, which is capable of following the individual profile of your vehicle, and using its 4Kws of power, is able to ensure the glass and panels are free from water spotting. The outcome of this process results in your vehicle coming out spotless. To top it off, our specialists also provide a thorough vacuum to your vehicle, paying attention to every little detail to ensure a spotless finish.

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